Modern Pterosaurs

Review written by the author of the book Modern Pterosaurs: Jonathan Whitcomb

The point of this nonfiction is in the old photograph that is now called “Ptp,” long known by many cryptozoologists and by those fascinated by the paranormal. Consider the following few quotations:

From Chapter One

The native guide was ahead of Duane Hodgkinson and his army buddy when the two soldiers were startled by what they at first assumed was a bird. It took off with a run to get airborne, on the far side of the clearing, only about 100 feet away. Then they noticed how big it was. . . .

[We saw] a pterodactyl take off from the ground and then circle back overhead and to the side, giving us a perfect side view which clearly showed the long beak and appendage protruding from the back of its head . . .

From Chapter Two

As explained in detail in recent editions of Searching for Ropens and Finding God, eyewitnesses of these apparent modern pterosaurs give a wide range of wingspan estimates, partly because the animals that fly overhead vary in size; they’re unlike birds that quickly attain a maximum adult size. But you need to know of the larger flying creatures reported by people, to be prepared for what we’ve learned about the Ptp photo.

From Chapter Seven

In other words, the skeptics cannot reasonably claim that the Ptp photo is an attack against science, so I can ask that you now become a member of the jury and come to a decision based upon the preponderance of the evidence, as you would in a civil court case.

The main evidence used by the plaintiff against the authenticity of Ptp appears to be that Photoshop was used in its creation, implying that no extant pterosaur was ever involved. The first phase of testimonies has concluded with me and Tom Payne giving a limited declaration of certainty regarding when we first saw Ptp. The opposing attorney can ridicule our lack of certainty, in the closing arguments, but that is not to be taken as evidence: The jury can consider it or not but must decide the case on preponderance of evidence. Notice the weakness we now see in the plaintiff’s side: No evidence is given that Ptp came into existence after the creation of Photoshop.

"Modern Pterosaurs" nonfiction book by Whitcomb

Modern Pterosaurs (nonfiction)


copyright 2017 Jonathan Whitcomb


The American Civil War Ptp Pterosaur Photo

What a controversy this old photograph seems to be stirring up! I’m talking about the photo with six soldiers standing over what appears to be a recently shot Pteranodon, what many Americans would call “pterodactyl.”


Introduction to the old photograph “Ptp”

Clifford Paiva (physicist) and Jonathan Whitcomb declare that this is a genuine photograph with a real animal that is obviously an extant pterosaur. The head strongly suggests it was something like a Pteranodon.


Civil War Pterodactyl Photo

The dead flying creature seen in the “Pteranodon photograph,” (Ptp) although it may be called a “pterodactyl” by some Americans and a “ropen” by others, could be a pterodactyloid pterosaur, possibly without the long tail that ropens are seen to have.


Civil Pterosaur Photograph

I wrote about this old photograph here on Modern Pterosaur four years ago. I’ve learned much more about this “Pteranodon photograph,” however, in recent days, especially from communicating with Clifford Paiva, a missile defense physicist.


Pterosaur Photo (examined by Paiva and Whitcomb)

This [book] is an evaluation of the photograph we call Ptp, along with reports of human encounters with similar flying creatures around the world.


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