Beat That Kid in Chess

From the Introduction

If you know the chess rules but almost nothing about how to win, this book is for you. . . . You might even win somebody’s admiration, after you apply what you learn in these chapters. . . . This book can take you into a level [helping] you defeat many beginners, at least sometimes. . . . you will no longer be a raw beginner and will instead be able to defeat [chess novices], at least more often than you lose.


best chess book for beginners


From Chapter One

What’s the most important thing to see in chess? See how to get an immediate checkmate. . . . Imagine it’s white’s turn to move [in Diagram-1]. The queen moves to the g7 square, capturing that black pawn in front of the black king. . . . checkmate.

From Chapter Two

. . . you may soon become a more challenging competitor to other beginners, after you have mastered the previous chapter and this one.

Chapter Three

Have you ever been checkmated soon after the game got started? This chapter will show you how to avoid getting knocked out early.

Chapter Four

When you create a knight fork, two enemy pieces (at least) are attaked by your knight. Normally neither enemy pieces is itself a knight . . .

From the Back Cover of the Chess Book

Do you know the rules but almost nothing more about chess? This is the best book for the early beginner. Whatever your age, feel your understanding grow as you learn to checkmate and also learn to gain many advantages . . .


Beat That Kid in Chess


Beat That Kid in Chess

194 pages – paperback – 5.5 x 0.4 x 8.5 inches

Published September 2, 2015 by Createspace (self-publishing)

ISBN-10: 1508856222     ISBN-13: 978-1508856221

Suggested Retail  $13.40



Chess Books Reviewed

The purpose is clear: to help the early beginner to learn to win one or more games of chess against another beginner.

Chess Book for Beginners

[Regarding mental exercise] ‘Beat That Kid in Chess’ is for the early-beginner, the person who gains the most relative benefit from chess experience.

Book by Stephen R. Covey

To obtain any significant benefit from reading this book, you will need to focus on changing your personal paradigms . . .

Beat That Kid in Chess

For the raw beginner who knows the rules but little else about chess . . . The book you really need to quickly prepare to win chess games


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