Third Edition of the Cryptozoology Book
“To the eyewitnesses who’ve bravely come forward,  telling us of apparent living pterosaurs, I dedicate  this book. They deserve to be heard. “Several Americans have assisted investigations of  what we call the ‘ropen,’ including three pioneers.  Jim Blume, a missionary in Papua New Guinea for  decades, interviewed dozens of native eyewitnesses  of pterosaur-like creatures. Carl Baugh led the first  three expeditions, preparing the way for the rest of  us to follow. Paul Nation, in four expeditions,  searched in two areas of that country, contracting  serious infections twice.  “Just weeks after my 2004 expedition on Umboi  Island, the cryptozoologists Garth Guessman and  David Woetzel interviewed Umboi native  eyewitnesses with systematic interview forms (and  those two Americans later assisted investigations in  another country). Woetzel and I later wrote  separate scientific papers, in a peer-reviewed  journal, about our experiences in Papua New Guinea  and about pterosaurs in human times. We  appreciate the support from our families and from  our friends here and abroad.   “In the United States of America—that’s where Scott  Norman, in 2007, became the first American  cryptozoologist to see a clear form of a living  pterosaur while searching for one: a large flying  creature with a head three to four feet long. We  mourn the passing (from natural causes) of our  young friend who is deeply missed in the  cryptozoology community. “I give special thanks to Duane Hodgkinson, whose  unflinching testimony gave birth to modern living  pterosaur investigations. His account of the 1944  sighting on the mainland of Papua New Guinea  helped inspire Carl Baugh’s first expedition of 1993.  Ignoring previous ridicule from those who would not  listen, Hodgkinson told us of his experience, helping  prepare the way for many expeditions in the  southwest Pacific. Alongside countless other  American veterans of World War II, who risked their  lives to preserve our freedom, he faced the threat of death in a faraway land. But his bravery in reporting  a giant living “pterodactyl” gave us another  freedom, even the freedom to believe in a life  thought to have been long extinct—giant featherless  long-tailed flying creatures, both faraway and here  in America: live pterosaurs.”   Pterosaur Expert (on Modern Pterosaur blog)   
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Cryptozoology Book
Live Pterosaurs in America
Photo: Maryland, eastern United States Nonfiction Book by Jonathan David Whitcomb
Amazon review for the first edition:  “This seems to be the author's second book  on the subject [the first was “Searching for  Ropens”], and this one is worth the effort. He has focused on the accounts of witnesses  who saw something, and that adds credibility.  The writing is easy to read and he adds  comments and analysis to make it all more  useful. Mostly, the author lets the sightings  speak for themselves, which is good. A  worthwhile book.” (”Red Rabbit”) Amazon review for the second edition: “Your new book arrived today!  THANK  YOU!!! and I must say you really did a  wonderful job!!! You not only gave everyone  more sightings than they can dispute (21  states!!!), but you also wove a descriptive  and engaging ongoing investigation (not  completed until we have PROOF--hopefully  soon some day!!). You, as well, disputed all  disparaging criticism.  “You are undeniably a talent, and very astute  with your subject matter. (and I have no  doubt that you could write on any matter you choose!!) “Thank you sincerely for helping us have  credibility; you deserve so much more credit  than you get.” (Susan Wooten) ###
Back cover of the cryptozoology book: “Americans, for years, have reported  obvious living pterosaurs, with sightings in  Washington state, California, New Mexico,  Texas, Ohio, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Georgia,  Florida, South Carolina, Rhode Island . . .  “Discover for yourself these amazing yet  true stories and why they are usually absent  from news headlines . . .” 
Eskin Kuhn was a U.S. Marine, in 1971, when he  witnessed two large pterosaurs flying over the navy  base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He has maintained  his testimony for decades: He saw, in clear  daylight, two featherless long-tailed flying creatures  with very prominent head crests.
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Pterosaur sketch by Eskin C. Kuhn 
Front Cover of the Third Edition 
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